Jim Croy – Founder/Trainer

Jim Croy Westmont CollegeJim has been coaching and training athletes since graduating from college in 1998. He played high school basketball at Northgate High School under the legendary Frank Allocco Sr. While at Northgate Jim earned two time league MVP honors and three time all league first team honors. Jim also holds the Northgate High School records in points in a game (40), rebounds in a game (20) and free throws made in game (17). Jim is also first in career rebounding (777) and second in points (1,660). Jim started his college career at Division 1 Cal Poly, and finished up at Westmont College, where he was named Defensive Player of the Year. After graduating college Jim founded Night School Basketball Training, which has continued to grow in popularity, and has led to the evolution of ELEVATE Basketball and Performance Training. Jim says, “My training philosophy is to combine hard work and positivity‚Ķ through those two things, an athlete can reach their full potential. My promise is that each athlete that walks through the doors of ELEVATE will leave in a better position both physically and mentally than when they entered.”


Marcus Maxwell – Performance Trainer

Marcus Maxwell with the 49ersMarcus is a retired NFL wide receiver who retains a deep rooted passion in the development of children and young adults through sports, academics and commitment to their communities. As an athlete Marcus was lucky enough to reach his personal goal of playing in the NFL, but he understands that the goal of many young athletes is to just make a team – to merely be a member of something greater than the individual. Marcus feels that unlocking potential is the most rewarding part of his job. Potential may be success in sports, however, it is coupled with academics, humility and philanthropy. It is geared towards working with children and young adults to become the best version of themselves. His vision is not only to unlock athletic abilities, but to aide in development of life skills and abilities. The discipline required to excel as an athlete is applicable to all facets of life. To strive, to recover from disappointment and failure, and to persevere is not l limited to a football field, baseball diamond, soccer field or basketball court.